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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Top 10 most dangerous places to travel

There is more to stay safe during the trip wearing a money belt and avoid dark alleys at night. While many around the world, travelers are able to prevent serious illness, some countries and regions that are simply avoided. Deadly Emotion looking for? Enter the most dangerous countries in the world at your own risk.


Not frightened by the presence of the Taliban or Al Qaeda? So maybe this will help. Afghanistan is full of 5-7 million landmines in the field. Food shortages are common, there is little or no infrastructure and attacks around the most important international embassies are common. This country was once known for its spectacular mountains and hospitable people. If you plan to go, Kabul is the first stop. Mazar-e-Sharif is home to many sacred sites and everything is a farce that the Buddha statues in Bamiyan were destroyed, its ruins breath.


Overseas offices around the world warning against all travel to Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan because of the lack of security available for Western travelers in the North Caucasus. The abduction of local gangs is common, it is still unfinished for foreigners disappear and remain unaccounted for. There is a high threat of terrorism. Offense is always an option, especially in places frequented by foreigners in Moscow as well as in the North Caucasus. If you need to visit the Caspian breathtaking, it comes from Iran.


Currently, all British citizens in Yemen are urged to submit all commercial vehicles. Advice from the Foreign Ministry against all the whole of Yemen due to the recent increase in political instability and the rapid deterioration of security. Yemen is torn by civil wars for years. The most common change in crimes of kidnapping the passengers and the car-lifting. Getting pinched a portfolio is the smallest of your worries. Yemen, though extremely dangerous, it's nice. Noah in biblical times was the promised land. The capital, Sana'a is an ancient, poetic in its architecture.


There are only a ban on travel outside of certain regions of Colombia at the moment, generally the most rural areas along the border with Panama, Venezuela and Ecuador. Places of tourists not to show their faces include: Buenaventura, San Jose del Guaviare and the Parque Nacional Natural de La Macarena, Meta. Most crimes are related to cocaine and coca industry. Apart from that, it is a playground backpackers. The diversity of the population, entertainment, sights and sounds overwhelmed. Bogota, Villa de Leyva is ideal for hiking and biking and Cuidad Perdida that looks like something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie should be top of your list.


Travelers should avoid the Pool region at all costs due to increased rebel activity sporadic. This includes the road between Brazzaville and Pointe Noire. In addition, the province of Likouala in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Two-day trip across the country should be avoided. As for the Democratic Republic of Congo, travel north and east is not recommended. Travelers should not enter or leave the country by land, as flights to / from Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville. Those brave enough to enter the heart of darkness will be amazed at the best possible way. The Congo is home to five of the UNESCO Biosphere, entire ecosystems to the brink of wildlife anywhere else in the world.


Kidnappings and violence spread, it is fair to say that travel in Iraq is not highly recommended. Not recommended at all to go to Baghdad or the surrounding area, as well as many other cities and provinces. Although crime and violence is a crime will be reduced for foreign destination. If you are visiting, make sure you seek professional security help. Iraq was the center of the ancient world. It 'the first-cultivated country, and the first form of writing. Rich history of the country is dominated by the media headlines is true. Actually, however, that when the policy is adjusted, Iraq is a popular destination.


The rival between Palestine and Israel does not quite sure to visit the other country at this time, especially in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem. Currently, passengers are advised to avoid all travel to the Gaza Strip, including the waters of Gaza's security situation is uncertain. Gaza and southern Israel and the Lebanese border are also out of question. Although wrought with conflict, these two countries are two of the oldest in the world. In sacred history, millions flock to enjoy the city of Tel Aviv, relaxed, floating effortlessly in the Dead Sea. When traveling to Israel, leaving their political views in the country. But people love to argue.

North Korea

In a totalitarian government, one. Hunger populated the nuclear crisis on the horizon and the hotels of lesser rank in the world ... He wonders why people want to enter the North Korean border is one of the few countries in the world leaves very little space tourism. Less than 2,000 Westerners are allowed in one year! Although there are no travel restrictions in place in North Korea, it is very difficult to enter. Report before the out travel and medical insurance. In-country travel is severely restricted and those seeking a getaway are independent of luck. All tours are accompanied and supervised by the government of a world unknown to many, a world with no mobile phone or the Internet exists, when the Cold War has not ended yet.


Terrorism is the greatest threat in Tajikistan these days as there are no travel warnings issued across the country, they should not travel in or near the creek Kamarob and the region of Rasht. Health infrastructure and poor transport and border crossings can be closed without notice. The good news is that the country is now much safer than it was ten years ago, making it a unique tourist destination, and a pan! The route of the Pamir is the last road trip and the Wakhan valley is breathtaking. Travelers to Tajikistan must have travel insurance that covers air ambulance evacuation.

Papua New Guinea

The real threat for the visitors in a secluded and mysterious in the South Pacific is a local band. There is a lack of huge forces, which gives way to a common car theft, assaults, robberies and serious sexual offenses. On the way here are the challenges and risks, the rewards are indescribable. The lack of tourism that makes this the ideal place to win on your own terms, to plan their travel and personal adventure. The capital, Port Moresby, should visit with caution, because the crime is high here. Head instead of on the coast, exploring the D'Entrecasteaux islands and forests of very different country and a rich tribal culture.


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