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Saturday, 16 July 2011

10 of the Most Expensive Cities to Visit

 1. Dubai

Dubai is a jewel in the rough that is blinding the UAE. Nothing is done halfway, but break world records (and therefore the banks that come to visit). Most man-made island - the Palm Islands - is currently under construction, but for now set their eyes on the world's tallest hotel and the largest marina of human origin. From this desert city sumptuous head high and mighty in the Persian Gulf, which is prepared for beach lovers who yearn for 365 days of sunshine. But range of outdoor activities on a camel safari - sand and surf are. In fact, there is apparently no limit to the innovative and exciting activities you can do here. Skiers can even go to the ski slopes in Dubai, located in the Mall of the Emirates. Restaurants, spas, nightclubs, sporting events, golf courses and shopping in Dubai is second to none, and that's intentional. You will be treated like a king wherever you go and when you run (including vacation rentals in Dubai).

Less than 20% of the residents were actually born in Dubai in the UAE, so that the melting pot of Dubai in the Middle East, and a net to open the eyes of even the most time, Jetsetter.

2. Sydney

If you feel like splurging, but do not want to Schmooze with the kind of haughty, the Sydney-to-ground option for you. In this paradise of sun in Australia, it is virtually impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed (especially if you are staying in Sydney apartments). "Harbour City" is surrounded by lush national parks, but there are still cultural and artistic center of the country, where respect for hitting the Sydney Opera House, attracting tourists from all over the world.

3. Buenos Aires

If you feel like splurging, but do not want to Schmooze with the kind of haughty, the Sydney-to-ground option for you. In this paradise of sun in Australia, it is virtually impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed (especially if you are staying in Sydney apartments). "Harbour City" is surrounded by lush national parks, but there are still cultural and artistic center of the country, where respect for hitting the Sydney Opera House, attracting tourists from all over the world.

4. Athens

During the trip to Greece is like traveling back in time, a luxury rental in Athens is part of the separation anxiety of modern civilization, you might encounter. At the same time, the ancient ruins (like the Parthenon, the Acropolis at the top) and the wonderful museums, take your breath away for days and days.

5. Paris

Could it be the city more attractive in the world? From the Eiffel Tower to the fashionistas on the streets of Paris is filled with beautiful things. Food art, architecture and even are always sights to see. You bite into a delicious pastries in a French cafe, sipping a wine made locally in a gourmet restaurant, absorbing knowledge at the Louvre, and oohing and ahhing as you walk in the city of light, your love affair with Paris being worth every penny. This does not mean you should throw all of your ear in a hotel, though. Choose cheap Paris villa rental instead.

6. Tokyo

Capital of Japan is perhaps the most enigmatic city, you can visit - take a look at future technologies and then back the hands of time in an ancient shrine, continue to be loved on one hand as you navigate a crazy market , and then let go of all your senses while you are trying to reach a Zen Buddhist temple. As Tokyo evolving, there is no way you will remain the same after a stay in a vacation rental in Tokyo.

7. Nice

As for beach getaways are high end, the French Riviera promises one of the best, at least in Europe. While there are many museums to explore and make history here, is easy to lose all day lounging on the shore.

8. Panama City

As for beach getaways are high end, the French Riviera promises one of the best, at least in Europe. While there are many museums to explore and make history here, is easy to lose all day lounging on the shore.

9. Rome

Old and unreasonable are the best words to describe Rome, which has caused jaw dropping hundreds of tourists, if not thousands of years. Over-the-top, and the Vatican ancient Colosseum, the Forum, the Pantheon and the ruins of their lens lines are sure to humiliate you. Make sure that your accommodation to live up to your apartment in Rome around exorbitant.

10. Barcelona

Holiday in Spain is not complete without a drop of Barcelona, ​​who always has something interesting happens from dusk until dawn. There is no such thing as a walk around town with no history here, the architecture will captivate you immediately and shops, museums, art galleries, cafes and entice every corner. Do not miss La Rambla, a street full of fascinating places and people still more fascinating.

Friday, 15 July 2011

The World's Most Glamorous Hotel And Burj

Long before Dubai began to appear at the bottom of the ads in fashion in Paris, New York and Tokyo, it was all sand and ambition. It was once a desert and an idea. "If you build it, will be" the most massively. Build it, they did.

As the years piled on, Dubai transformed. The skyscrapers grew like weeds in a lawn maintained. Doubt that the city was initiated to be a world-class destination has been answered by the rumbling sound of hundreds of buildings spring up almost overnight. Ready or not, here it comes.

Today, hotels in Dubai has more stars than the Milky Way. The smooth roads and stored with fluorescent and killed by Hypercar Geländewagen Mercedes. Tower cranes swaying in the gentle breeze of Arabia along with very tall buildings. Shopping centers have aquariums slopes and plates treated with Guinness World Record low. The artificial islands shaped like palm trees to maximize the surface of the sea front next to real. A place has been the engineering body of knowledge looted, pushing the limits of human extravagance in open space. The engineers came to Dubai to test the flexibility of steel, the vagaries of architectural imagination scandalous, and the ability to solve impossible problems.


Burj Al Arab was the time of its construction in the nineties, the world's tallest hotel (this writing, the hotel is the fourth highest of the six best hotels in Dubai alone). Of course, the distinction of being the highest high is no longer sufficient for boundless ambition behind the sail-shaped structure. Like a brave traveler, who runs the world only to find his fingers in the ocean, Dubai entertained the idea of ​​traveling offshore. They built a rough structure of almost 1,000 meters in the Persian Gulf.

Built to resemble the sail of a dhow, offended problems Burj Al Arab bleeding edge techniques to build such a structure large (over 1.2 million square feet) on an artificial island. It took over two years to build the foundation that included placing large stones in a honeycomb and setting deep foundations, using hundreds of stacks of 130 feet. Create an icon, it seemed, would take years and years of dedication.

The project took more than five years to complete with over 3,000 companies involved in its construction. Under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed, the Burj Al Arab to reflect the ambitions of modern Dubai, and that's it. The commercial port of age had global aspirations and needs of a global icon, to show that he had something to prove first. The structure is unlike any other building in the world, erupting from the sea like a psychedelic space armadillo - lonely, strange, beautiful and massive. It is representative of Dubai in the same way the Sydney Opera House or the Guggenheim Bilbao has changed the psychological conception of these cities in the world of spirits. With a few hands that may have architectural icons that have become synonymous with their cities of residence, and after more than a decade of force near the Burj Al Arab has been the inclusion in this list very short term .


With over 17,000 square feet of gold-plated surfaces and the media spoke of seven star Burj Al Arab offers an abundance of assault. It is both useless, tasteless, beautiful, modern offensive and insane. And a lot of gold. That's what Vegas would look like if it were a real place and not just a facsimile business of fame and luxury. The Burj Al Arab is the real deal, an expanded version of uncompromising luxury crying in a world of whispers.

The lobby offers fountains that imitate rhythmic clapping of hands, a 600-meter high atrium that appears plucked a foreign galaxy (above) and glam enough to attack the eyes on the verge of bad taste and forth the name of good entertainment. As shot dead in another world, Burj offers a strange feeling of decadence made for Sheikh of each of us.

Pricing, Rooms, and Amenities

Rates starting in the evening, just north of $ 1,000, and have checked all the boxes, and a splurge for the Royal Suite, the price can be achieved cost medium sedan, per night, making it one of the most expensive rooms in the world . This is a lot of money, you better believe that there are some serious room service.

Whimsical offered at Burj Al Arab is expected to range from random. The hotel offers airport pick up service is one of the many Rolls-Royce sedans. But let's face it, the Navy Phantoms Pearl is not sufficient to grossly above, the hotel also offers a helicopter service from the airport heliport on the roof of the hotel. This makes sense. Local roads are too proletarian tourists with pockets on the Grand Canyon.

The rooms are an extension of the lobby. And 'gold, some signs of good taste, wealth, and the display dizzying choices horrible - like mirrors on the ceiling above beds and a bathroom with wall paintings, which include among the modern skyscrapers are inherited an old Arabia. And 'these examples to remind passengers that the weaknesses inherent cheesiness even the simplest human decisions. These chips are horrible, the rooms are suites with full of quality services, and deserves its reputation and cost. The suites have two levels, living room, dining room, private bar, guest bathroom and dressing room and a large bedroom and bathroom, which includes a Jacuzzi. Suites start at 1800 square feet and expands to lower a large 8400 square meters at the top.
Each floor has a guest services desk, which offers check-in, butler and concierge services. Along room pillow menu offers a variety of ridiculous pillows and blankets, even the most demanding guests. The bathroom is like any normal bathroom, until you throw a free full-size Hermes products and bath menu offers a wide range of bathrooms prepared by Butler concoctions.The hotel also has a private beach, private buyers, yacht charter, and unlimited access to the nearby Wild Wadi Water Park.

Restaurants and Bars

Food supply to run the gamut from the Far East, Saudi, many excellent restaurants. Muntaha to live on top of the Burj Al Arab, and offers a surreal view of Dubai, near the Palm Islands. Al Mahara is lurking at the bottom of the hotel, where the dining room feels one has entered the underwater world from floor to ceiling aquarium. Since the rooms start around $ 1,500, which makes the booking of the restaurant is one of the cheapest ways to see the unique Burj Al Arab. The hotel is largely closed to foreigners, but the book gives you access to a private road in front of the hotel strip. Below is a list of restaurants and links to provide pricing and information. All prices are quoted in AE, and dividing by four to provide a ballpark estimate of U.S. dollars.

Cheapest way to visit the Burj Al Arab

Clearly, a large move in a hotel room is not a common practice. Fortunately, there are cheaper ways to explore the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel. With a reservation for lunch, dinner, drinks or tea, is authorized access to the hotel. As the hotel is located on an artificial island, a checkpoint control all incoming traffic on the lonely road that leads to his door. With a reservation, you are on a list of such checkpoints.

World’s Most Beautiful Parks and Gardens

The station is entirely built around visits to gardens in the world and is one of the biggest growth areas in the vacation (if you'll pardon the pun). The Italian villa in large landscaped gardens at Versailles, from the middle of rural idylls in England for formal and symbolic creations in Japan - there is a wide range of world, each reflecting the culture and horticulture in their environments.

Gardens in North East France, France

Monet's Garden is a colorful garden artist, an artist. This is a garden created in 1883-1926, in the valley of the River Epte Claude Monet, one of the world's best-loved artists. It 'was Director of the impressionist painters, a term derived in 1874 for its scenery Impression Soleil Levant.

This beautiful garden is the ethereal harmonies of colors and contrasts of Giverny is divided into two parts by the road. Access between the two sides of the tunnel. The other side of the road, is the top of the back garden, backing vocals on Village Street, is a characteristic of Monet's pink house with green shutters, roses and wreaths. On the walls inside his house to hang just been nominated for his collection of Japanese prints. In front of the house a cornucopia of color resident bees and the butterflies on the wall going down the road. Through the tunnel is located in a different scene. Stylistically, the Eastern Water-garden, which is famous Wisteria, willows and water lilies masterpiece seems still to await the final blinding eye on canvas. He walks beside Monet famous slow-flowing, shallow, a lily pond with a wonderful play of light and shadow, the inspiration for his immortal paintings.

Gardens in Paris, France

The sumptuous hall of mirrors is haunted by the ghosts of the royal family, Louis XIII to Louis-Philippe: 250 years of tragedy and festivals in which the brightness of the Sun King, Louis XIV dominates. The gardens are adorned with hundreds of statues scattered around some of the most beautiful fountains your eyes will ever see. Be sure to arrive in time for the fountains dance to music, usually 11 hours. Do not miss the Grand Trianon pink marble and rustic Petit Trianon, so dear to the heart of Queen Marie-Antoinette.
36,000 people were employed to build the castle. It was begun in 1660 and completed in 1685 by Louis and Jules Hardouin-Mansart Levau. André Le Nôtre designed the gardens and in 1677 Louis XIV moved the court.

The machinery park and garden designed by Andre Le Notre between 1661 and 1700. Grand Trianon, another formal garden, was built on the former site of the village. Versailles is also later additions. The Petit Trianon was Marie Antoinette in 1774. Has fostered an irregular style, the hills, cliffs and coves.

Hestercombe, near Taunton

This garden was designed by the famous Somerset 1-2 punch by Edwin Lutyens (architecture, the bones of the garden) and Gertrude Jekyll (heavy shade plants shade)

The house, which houses the Somerset Fire Brigade, is not open to the public, but everyone says it is not worth it anyway. Still, makes a stunning backdrop of Victoria Terrace, which is flanked by two long stone streams. Opposite the house is a short trellis. Sunken Square consists of all these features is called the Great Plat, which is a large scattered geometric parterre garden spaces and planted in a row the color, from spring to summer, delphiniums Cannas.

There is another Hestercombe garden, the 18 th century landscape garden, which was found only in 1990. Peter White has been working nearby, and took lunch in the woods Hestercombe. Gradually, he found the remains of a garden, which was built between 1750-1786 by Warre Bampfylde Coplestone. White was so impressed with a garden, which was the recovery, and now CEO of Hestercombe Gardens Trust. The combination of a landscape gardens of the 18 th century its path through the woods and a carefully designed "natural" points of view and the Lutyens-Jekyll Edwardian garden becomes a place Hestercombe beautiful garden anywhere.

Little Sparta

Ian Hamilton Finlay modern garden of ideas in the Scottish hills. Each step leads to a new object or see a badge, a citation, a reference, a joke or a poem. The whole garden is filled with incidents and crafts, the result of a lifetime, together with other enthusiasts, infinitely rewarding for visitors looking for layers of meaning in a revolutionary context. Serious but never boring.

Keukenhof Gardens

A little 'history ... Keukenhof hunting area before, and gather herbs for the castle, hence the name Keukenhof. After the death of Jacoba van Bayern, Baron and Baroness van Pallandt, the new owners, known as landscape architects, JD and LF Zocher to create a garden around the castle. This garden, the English landscape style has always been fundamentally Keukenhof. Realty Corporation, and now belongs to the initiative of the mayor of Lisse, the time and a number of leading flower bulb growers and exporters, an outdoor festival show was held for the first time in 1949. It has flourished since then has more than seven million bulbs are planted each autumn for their show next spring.

Tens of thousands of tulips and daffodils in bloom in different pavilions covered with floral show. Each show focuses on a particular product - the amaryllis and hydrangea, daffodils, lilies and asters. There are also examples of a plantation garden, balcony or terrace. Various events, amazing floral arrangements and unique materials will fill you with stimulating ideas that you can use at home.

Palais Het Loo

Dutch as a historical garden fashion scheduled for early formal English landscape gardens.In Apeldoorn an impeccably maintained and beautifully restored baroque formal garden is laid out before a red brick of the royal palace. In 1686 the castle has replaced an old medieval castle bought by Prince William of Orange and Princess Mary, before coming to the throne of England.

A Dutch version of the familiar French garden, it reflects the conviction that the emphasis on order and harmony on earth mirrors of peace and unity in Paradise. Glory of the garden into four parts is in its decoration and use of water. Sculpture, fountains, pools and waterfalls abound.

The Lower Garden is almost certainly designed by Daniel Marot, a French designer who fled to Holland after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. Marot achieved a high degree of unity by using the same concept in different ways in the stucco ceilings, garden flower beds, wrought iron, silk wall hangings, garden urns and ceiling paintings. It is also associated with William and Mary Garden at Hampton Court.

Villa Lante

Designed in the 1560s for Cardinal Gambara, probably by Vignola, with aterworks by Ghinucci. A spring generates a series of elaborate water features - fountains and a water-line - finishing in a square pool surrounded by Parterre. The twin villas, terraces, fountains and beautifully integrated plantations, and the statues are worth the trip in its own right. This is an example of almost complete style of the garden, which is the foundation of the history of gardens in Europe. The adjacent park is part of the original design and just as important.

10 Most Affordable Luxury Hotels In Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the UAE. It is one of the most popular cities in the world thanks to its high standard of living and strong economic development. Since its inception in the early 19th century, it has become a business hub and the locals call Dubai Palme. People from all over the world visiting Dubai, and was voted as the 8th most visited city in the world. It is also known as the shopping capital of Middle East and has over 70 shopping centers, including the world's seventh largest mall ie. "Dubai Mall". Apart from the government of Dubai has built some of the highest skyscraper, the tallest structure in the world, Burj Dubai, the second most Burj Al Arab. Then return to the subject, there are also some of the most popular hotels in Dubai that offers all the luxury services and amenities at a very decent. So I gathered information on the 10 most affordable luxury hotels in Dubai.
We'll see.

1. Jebel Ali Palm Tree Court & Spa:

This is a wonderful and relaxing 5-star resort in Dubai that will make your visit more enjoyable. This hotel offers the luxurious amenities of a restaurant, bar, fitness center, swimming pool, internet service and the most fun part of this hotel is that it is located on the side of the sea where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the beach. The room is available at a very affordable $ 142 and $ 695.

2. Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa:

One of the best ski resorts, as have all the luxury services include 5-star beach hotel, restaurant, pool bar, gym and Internet services. The room rate per night is $ 87-423.

3. Hilton Dubai Jumeirah:

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah is a magnificent hotel and a great place to live in Dubai. It has a bar, swimming pool, restaurant, fitness center, children's activities online with a website on the beach. The cost of room per night is $ 149 at 635.

4. Hilton Dubai Creek:

An wonderful place for holidays, and is also one of the best business hotel in Dubai is close to the beach. This 5-star hotel has all the luxury things, like a restaurant, pool, bar and fitness center. The price of a room per night is $ 116 and $ 307.

5. Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel:

This hotel is a perfect place for visitors to stay because of its affordability and luxury amenities. The cost of room per night is $ 123-408 and you can enjoy all the 5-star services, including restaurant, pool, gym, etc.

6. Hyatt Regency Dubai:

Hyatt Regency Dubai is a fantastic hotel is located in a very good location and offers 5-star hotel, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, gym and more. The rent is $ 127 here $ 310.

7. Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates:

Here's another hotel very affordable and very luxurious in Dubai that will offer services of restaurant, bar, gym, pool and many more. The cost of room per night is $ 127 to 371.

8. Raffles Dubai:

This place is one of the most entertaining hotel in Dubai. Raffles Dubai has all the luxuries that you attract. This hotel has a restaurant, swimming pool equipment, bar, gym and Internet are available at a very affordable price of $ 195 to 517.

9. Oasis Beach Tower:

Another hotel in the heart of Dubai, Oasis Beach Tower offers all five star facilities at an affordable price. This particular hotel has a pool, restaurant, gym and Internet services. The room rate per night start at $ 167-629.

10. Park Hyatt Dubai:

It is a wonderful 5-star hotel offers all the amenities and services. Apart from the pool of their luxurious rooms, a swimming pool, bar, gym, restaurant and internet service. Renting a room per night is just $ 191 to $ 569.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

10 Best Honeymoon Destinations In The World

Honeymoon is the traditional festival includes newlyweds. Now I want to go directly to the list of 10 without losing time in the introduction, as you know this. Girls! Do not let your husband out of the top ten for any reason .. This is your only chance ...

1. Hawaii

There are endless things to visit and enjoy Hawaii as the beautiful coastline, forests and volcanoes. Now the volcano is a new addition, and believe me, you need a time of your life to visit them. Hawaii is considered the best of honeymoon and it is remarkable by many factors such as excellent weather all year long, white sandy beaches and green forests. Do not think you miss any sport while in Hawaii because it is the best for water sports. Think of something and you get it, swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking and sailing, etc. Take a helicopter and get an overview of the "Grand Canyon" at the top. Then there is the exciting scenes of volcanoes. This place just great!

2. Mexico

You can experience pleasant and sunny day in Mexico and is a special place for romance. Oaxaca is known for surfing and it was fantastic coastline. Some interesting places to go are the islands of Cozumel, the ruins of Chichen Itza and Tulum. Yes, why would anyone want to go to the ruins on a honeymoon? So it is for those who have had a natural taste of the ruins and loves to explore the history together to explore their life partner. !

3. Jamaica

This place has all the attractions of a fine offer honeymoon and has three main beaches. Montego is cool, but not so fine for night life, so apologize in advance for lovers of the night. Ocho Rios is a wonderful party place, and you can take full benefit of the Rios.

4. St.Lucia

It is a mixture of France and Great Britain, and is truly a wonderful place to choose a honeymoon. Cool drink in the middle of a tropical rainforest. Ocean View is very clear and pleasant.

5. Bahamas

He has received more than 700 islands that make up The Bahamas is located just steps from the American continent. And 'perfect for sports, romance, fun and water. You can head to the outer islands of the Bahamas, if you are looking for solitude and romance. There are many beautiful and well worth visiting the beaches of the Bahamas as the Pink Beach Harbor Island, Treasure Cay Beach and the North Shore beach, etc.

6. Dominican Republic

It is a very large island destination that offers a wide range of activities that only tourism. This is a nation on the island of Hispaniola, which is part of the Greater Antilles islands in the Caribbean Sea. It has activities similar to those available in the Caribbean. All in all, it is a good place to go. Not to be missed.

7. Tahiti

Tahiti has many islands to choose from as Bora Bora and Moorea. The best thing about the island of Bora Bora is the most-the-water bungalows and hope you will love it. I recommend the beach at Matira, which is one of the most beautiful beach in Bora Bora, and the only public beach. It offers a magnificent view extends from the Hotel Bora Bora with Club Med. The nightlife in Bora Bora is not so good in general.

8. Fiji

Fiji has about 330 islands about 1,900 miles from Sydney, Australia. With the right kind in Fiji are the people who are also very friendly and say "Bula" (hello) when they discover you. I wonder what you are going to respond. Hm, "Wula" or whatever ... You can simply relax on the beaches or sail around. It's fun!

9. Caribbean Places

He received a number of islands and here you can enjoy a variety of water sports. There are hundreds of beaches in the Caribbean and you should choose one that suits your mood and attitude. They have never been scuba diving? Now is your chance to enjoy it. There are many companies offering this certificate in a safe environment. Golfers are fun things to their wishes in places like Four Seasons Resort Nevis and Tryall Club etc. The nightlife is very thrilling and exciting and the Caribbean offers a variety of cuisines from French to Spanish.

10. Italy

Italy was one of the best location honeymoon in Europe and lovers, they are of every kind and attitude, loves this place a lot because it is rich in cultural history. Imagine a scene of you holding hands with your lover standing on one of the most famous beaches in Italy. Let me tell you some of the most important cities in Italy for honeymoon and their functions. Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and there is plenty to do there. Visit the Piazza San Marco and take the opportunity to feed the pigeons is human friendly. Rome is the capital of Italy and offers a fun nightlife in places such as Trastevere and Campo de 'Fiori. Florence is world renowned for its rich and remarkable architecture. If you are a wine lover then do not forget to visit the Chianti area, where you can enjoy some of the best wines in the world.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cambodia Travel

Cambodia is not a magic formula that projects many who visit the kingdom this fascinating and confounding. Rise to the kingdom of god mother of all temples, Angkor Wat, a magnificent blend of symbolism and symmetry of spirituality. Tuol Sleng to sink into hell and come face to face with the Khmer Rouge and the killing machine. Welcome to the enigma that is Cambodia: land, history, and an inspiring and depressing, exhilarating place where the future is waiting to be molded.

Just as there are more than Angkor Wat is, so it is more than the temples of Cambodia. The charismatic and chaotic capital of Phnom Penh has a lively political intrigue, economic vitality and intellectual debate. Too often overlooked in hit-and tourists-tick the regional tour of Angkor, a bustling town of Siem Reap is finally gaining acceptance as a thank you for a position on the great river, a cultural renaissance, and the restaurants and bars to compete with the best scene the area. And do not forget the rest of the country: Relax in the sleepy seaside town of Kampot, near Bokor National Park and trekking, touring elephant in the jungle of Mondulkiri Province, watching the dolphins in the Mekong River in Kratie, or simply choose a beach near Sihanoukville.

The years of fear and disgust have been completed and Angkor is once again a symbol of the nation, attracting pilgrims from around the world. Peace has come to this beautiful land is still broken after three decades of war and the Cambodian people have opened their arms to the world. Tourism has well and truly out, but a trip here is as much an adventure holiday.

Contemporary Cambodia is the successor of the powerful Khmer Empire, which during the Angkor period, which is much of what is now Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. The remains of this empire can be seen in the famous temples of Angkor, monuments without equal in magnitude and grandeur of southern Asia. First glimpse of Angkor Wat traveler, the epitome of Khmer genius, is simply amazing and is accompanied by only a few select spots on earth, like Machu Picchu and Petra.

Contemporary Cambodia is the successor of the powerful Khmer Empire, which during the Angkor period, which is much of what is now Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. The remains of this empire can be seen in the famous temples of Angkor, monuments without equal in magnitude and grandeur of southern Asia. First glimpse of Angkor Wat traveler, the epitome of Khmer genius, is simply amazing and is accompanied by only a few select spots on earth, like Machu Picchu and Petra.

The southern coast is adorned with tropical islands with barely a beach hut in sight. In addition to Ko Samui, or wait for Gili Trawangan Discovery and, now, visitors can play Robinson Crusoe. The inland from the coast lies the Cardamom Mountains, part of a vast desert, tropical, which offers a home environment is difficult, and is the gateway to the emerging eco-tourism Adventures. Mighty Mekong River cuts across the country and is home to some of the area the last remaining freshwater dolphins, and wheels of dirt fans can follow the river winds through the length of traditional communities. North-east is a world unto itself, its wild and mountainous ethnic minorities in Cambodia, and rich in natural attractions, like thunder, waterfalls and pristine crater.

Despite the beautiful landscape, life is no picnic for the average Cambodian. It remains one of the poorest countries in Asia, and it's a hard life for many people they can fight against the vagaries of nature and sometimes by their politicians. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP www.undp.org), Cambodia is still poorer than Mongolia and El Salvador, just scrape in front of the Mauritania, while Transparency International (www.transparency.org) , the watchdog against corruption, the country rates a lowly 151 out of 163 countries ranked. Income is still disappointingly low for many Khmers, with an annual salary of several hundred dollars, not thousands, of public employees such as teachers, unable to earn their meager wages.

Cambodia's pristine environment can be a great attraction, but a large part of it is currently in danger. Ancient forests are razed for plantations road, the rivers are sized to large hydroelectric plants and the south coast is being studied with the major oil companies. All this will help match a stronger economy, which grew an incredible 10% a year, but is unlikely to promote nature-based tourism, which has just been launched.

Cambodia is like the teen who has just been discovered by an adoring public: everybody wants something from her, but not everyone wants the best for her. The government always rejected by major international companies, is eager to take advantage of these opportunities to find. The contracts are signed, such as autographs and fears for long-term interests of the country.

Tourism has brought many benefits to Cambodia provides the opportunity for employment and a new generation of red, has helped trigger a revival of traditional arts and gave the country a renewed sense of pride and optimism, as it recovers dark decades of war and genocide. However, not all tourism is a good country and there is a dark side of sex tourism, human exploitation and a culture of the casino. Cambodia is well positioned to benefit from the mistakes of other countries in the region, and the road to sustainable development of tourism. However, it may be that the government is more focused on short-term profits that the mega-dollars of investment can offer. Cambodia could be all things to all visitors? So far everything has gone well, but the new era is about to begin, and the beaches are the next battlefield.

There are two faces of Cambodia: a bright and happy, the other dark and complex. For each illegal eviction of villagers or land grabbing by a general, there will be a new NGO schools provide better education, clean water or a new initiative to improve the lives of the average villager. Such is the yin and yang in Cambodia, a country that inspires and confuses. Like an onion, the layers the more you defeat, the more you feel like crying, but they are spontaneous tears, sometimes sadness, sometimes joy.

Despite the fact that the eighth wonder of the world for its courtyard, Cambodia, the greatest treasure is its people. Red is a hell and back, struggling from years of bloodshed, poverty and political instability. Thank you for your unwavering spirit and contagious optimism, have persisted in their smiles intact, not a visitor arrived from Cambodia without a measure of admiration and affection for the mysterious inhabitants of Great Britain.

Cambodia: the beautiful beaches of Thailand, but without the tourist tide, a desert out of Laos, but even less studied, as fine as the food in Vietnam, but yet to be discovered, and temples that leave Burma and Indonesia in the shade. This is the heart of Southeast Asia, where the region has to offer, all in a bite-sized country. If you're only going to spend a week in Cambodia, it is time to think again.

Raffles Hotel Singapore

 Raffles Hotel is one of the most elegant buildings in Madrid. More legend than a hotel, this luxury hotel in Singapore celebrates a tradition of excellence in the seamless service spanning over 120 years.

Immortalized in the novels of Somerset Maugham and Rudyard Kipling, the Raffles Hotel, Singapore colonial-style architecture and tropical gardens, the atmosphere of timeless elegance.

Raffles Amrita Spa offers a relaxing pampering, while stores Raffles Hotel Arcade offers ample opportunity for retail therapy. Raffles Hotel Arcade offers a fine selection of international brands, including elegant Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton and Armani Casa.

E 'for business or pleasure, this luxury hotel in Singapore are attractive. 15 restaurants and bars as being the Long Bar - home of the famous Singapore Sling, Tiffin Room, which will continue the tradition of afternoon tea at the Raffles bar and billiard room, a well-known legend of the "Tiger on the pool table."

Seven Wonders of the World (For Travel Lover)

 Some wonderful old buildings were built by our ancestors have stood the test of time. There are many architectural wonders that can not be replicated today. Last year, the world took part in the official voting for the new seven wonders of the world, which are Chichen Itza in Mexico, Christ Redeemer in Brazil, the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, Machu Picchu in Peru, Petra in Jordan, Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal in India. Each of these sites are world-famous landmark, historic and impressive.

1. Chichén Itzá, Mexico

The most famous Mayan temple city of Mexico, for example, is on the political and economic center of Mayan civilization. Its various structures have proven extraordinary architectural composition is amazing given the limited resources of people in those days were. The pyramid itself was the last, and probably the greatest of all Mayan temples.

2. Christ Redeemer, Brazil

This statue of Jesus Christ is about 40 meters tall, atop the Corcovado mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Heitor da Silva Costa, a Brazilian designer of this magnificent work of art designed by French sculptor Paul Landowski is carved. And 'one of the world's most famous monuments. Christ with open arms attitude symbolize love of nature and hospitable Brazilian.

3. The Roman Colosseum, Italy

This great amphitheater in the center of Rome was built to celebrate the glory of the Roman Empire. Its design is always the dream of every architect, and so far the other stages are influenced by the Colosseum's original design. Many Hollywood films and other international films were shot in this stunning drama. The visit will remind you how big was the Roman Empire.

4. The Great Wall of China, China

The Great Wall was built to link existing fortifications into a united defense system to better keep invading Mongol tribes of China. It is the greatest monument of man ever to be built and it is clear that the only thing visible from space. Several thousand people gave their lives to build this enormous structure.

5. Machu Picchu in Peru

In the 15 th century, the Inca Emperor Pachacutec built a city on the mountain known as Machu Picchu ("old mountain"). Before the Urubamba river, the Amazon jungle lies in this architectural wonder which is half in the Andes. Each year, millions of people walk the Inca trail four days to reach this place.

6. Petra, Jordan

Petra was the glittering capital of the Nabatean Empire. Control technologies for water in the desert region, the Nabataeans provided their city with buildings and rooms large water tunnel. A theater, inspired by the Greco-Roman prototypes, had space for an audience of 4000. Today Palace Tombs of Petra, with the façade of 42 meters high Hellenistic temple of the monastery of Deir El-such is the silence of the incredible architecture and unique.

7. The Taj Mahal, India

This is a huge mausoleum built in the order of Shah Jahan, the fifth Muslim Mughal emperor, to honor the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Built in white marble and standing in formally laid-out gardens, the Taj Mahal to be held in February, the Muslim art in India.

Located in the world, these seven wonders give us a clue to the diversity of cultures and development of societies around the world. All these architectural wonders are many who have thought and creativity to create. They are truly wonders of the world.
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