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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Poseidon Undersea Resort

Bruce Jones, who has spent most of his career pioneering the design of submarines for the rich and famous, is now directing his experience in the hotel on a private island in Fiji. Surrounded by 5000 acres of the lagoon, the hotel is a luxurious accommodation in a suite of 550 square meters large. Who wants to stay at Poseidon (which is characteristic for all guests to use the submarine) is the Ante Up $ 15,000 a diving experience, or a pair of $ 30,000 in the same room. The package includes private plane transport Fiji Airport station. Here tourists can also indulge in submarine piloting para-sailing, deep reef excursions, scuba diving, sea-tracking on the bottom of the sea, water sports and caving.


sabrina clements said...

Wow really resort... Beautiful to see also... Thanks for sharing this wonderful information....
I am planning to go there...

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